Plant-Powered and Thriving!

Would you love to feel fully supported on your journey towards thriving with a whole food, plant-based lifestyle?

If you know the benefits of eating a healthy plant-based diet and deeply desire the powerful results, but are inconsistent in applying the practices, you may be feeling discouraged. You may be engaging in self-criticism or beating yourself up for the disconnect between your knowledge and practice.

Or, you may have just completed a program of information, education, support, and resources, and are currently flying high and feeling fine, but you realize that maintaining your newfound habits requires a strong and steady level of support and guidance. You may be feeling alone and isolated in the midst of family members, friends, and others who don’t share your perspective or endorse your lifestyle choice. Or, you may be noticing that media images or your own emotional world are tempting you to return to old eating habits that will undermine your health, comfort, and values.

Fruits, Veggies, Greens, and Hebs

There is a way to master the consistency you desire and maintain awesome results over time.


You can get exactly what you need to adopt and/or consistently maintain the lifestyle that fuels your body in the best possible way. You can access the support and guidance that will assist you to sustainably align your dietary practices with your knowledge of the wide-ranging benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.


That is why we created Plant-Powered and Thriving!


In this ongoing small group program, you will experience:​

  • Research-proven strategies for staying the course on your commitment to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle,
  • Wise counsel from a mentor who has lived the lifestyle for well over 2 decades and has supported hundreds of people through transformational lifestyle changes,
  • Expert presentations and helpful resources to inspire you and support your sense of high resolve,
  • The power of group support and like-minded community,
  • And, the incredible freedom that comes from the positive feedback loops that result from your consistent practice!

Through weekly group support, group and individual coaching, access to guest experts, and one-on-one email support, Plant-Powered and Thriving supports your journey into ever greater levels of health, bodily comfort and capacity, and the good feelings that come from knowing that your life is a reflection of your highest values!

Stop accepting less support than what you need and deserve. Instead, avail yourself of the potent combination of support, expert guidance, coaching, and community that you need to THRIVE and keep thriving!

The weekly group components of Plant-Powered and Thriving start March 7. This is an ongoing program that you can join at any time and stay involved for as long as you like. Individual and group coaching and educational presentations are held via videoconference. One caveat: the program will only happen if there are sufficient registrations by February 28. It will be kept fairly small in order to insure people can bond as a group and get plenty of one-on-one support in the group mentoring and coaching sessions.




After the past 3 years of health challenges, I wanted to take a leap of faith and experience if a plant based, whole foods diet would be beneficial. Almost immediately I started noticing my health improve: moods, emotions, physical, sleep, etc. As a result of working with Beth, my cholesterol dropped 39 points in three weeks of eating a plant based whole foods diet—plus other bonuses: restless leg syndrome improved, heart palpitations stopped, I sleep better and deeper, and I LOVE TO EAT!!

Ruth Poe

Before starting to work with Beth, I was eating at night, gorging on meals, and food was always in my thoughts. During Beth’s group program I enjoyed having the support of a group. As a result of doing this program, my hearing and vision improved, my blood glucose levels improved, I lost weight, and I experienced less inflammation. The biggest success was a good, friendly environment in which to make change.

Bob Trujillo

Before working with Beth I was suffering from low back pain, foggy thinking, and tiredness. Through working with Beth, I became more aware of my emotions and how out of touch I had become with my eating habits. This was my miracle that has become a wonderful new relationship with my food and life. As a result, I feel so much better! My thinking became clearer and I experienced a reduction in pain and inflammation. My lower back shifted back into alignment. I have significantly less cellulite on my body. I have more energy, more joy, and wake up better. My appetite for yummy whole food is back again. I am so grateful!

Dawni Pappas

(The program) has been so wonderful. I feel so strong. I started out thinking of me for my health, and now I think about the Earth and the animals, and what the bigger vision of my life can bring to others. I thank you for (my change). My strength is to change my friends, my family, and the schools that I work in. I knew that I started gardens last year in schools for a reason but I didn’t know why. Now I know the full circle that’s coming back and how I can help to do this for my community. Thank you so much. These past 31 days have really meant a lot to me!

Deanna Clarke


What You Will Get Each Month:​

  • Two Group Coaching Sessions–Value $100
  • One to Three Additional Group Sessions: Educational Presentations, Guest Experts–Value $100
  • One half-hour Individual Coaching Session–Value $100
  • Access via email to Rev. Beth Love in between sessions, to answer your questions, and provide acknowledgment, expertise, and support–Value $50
  • Additional resource referral

Plant-Powered and Thriving Full Value: $350/month

Discounted Rate: $97/month

All proceeds benefit Eat for the Earth.




About the Facilitator: Rev. Beth Love

Rev. Beth Love with basket of fruit and veggiesRev. Beth Love has been creating luscious, vibrant foods that deeply nourish on all levels—palate, body, planet, heart, and soul—for over four decades. She is a gifted teacher and speaker, ordained New Thought minister, personal coach, and author of the Tastes Like Love book series. Beth has brought a message of transformation to multiple audiences with her speaking and facilitation skills, in contexts as diverse as the California state prison system, schools, churches, businesses, radio, local community television, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is known for her fierce commitment, wise counsel, strategic mind, and huge capacity for love.

Rev. Beth’s life calling has taken many twists and turns, but has always been centered on human transformation. She has taught in and run Montessori schools, helped to found a New Thought church and served in various capacities in that community for over 20 years, run non- profit organizations focused on the topic of child abuse, and done extensive volunteer work with prison inmates. In recent years she has supported people to adopt a whole food plant-based diet through cutting edge culinary classes, group programs, and individual coaching. She has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from prestigious universities and a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

Rev. Beth’s current focus is the development of Eat for the Earth, an organization that supports a human dietary shift towards more plants and less animal products to sustain all life on Earth. Learn more and find out how you can get involved by visiting our home page.


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