Eat for the Earth and Earth Day 2020

COVID-19 Pivot: Planned In-Person Activities Were Cancelled, and

Eat for the Earth Went Online!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To celebrate, Eat for the Earth had planned to participate in five local Santa Cruz events during Earth Week. Instead, we offered two great webinars and a way for people to eat plant-based foods “with us” online. Our webinars were tremendously well-received, and we intend to do more!

As we celebrate 50 years of honoring our beloved Earth, let’s acknowledge that we, as a global human family are the primary driving force of environmental change, and let us use that power to alter our course. Let’s continue to raise awareness about the environmental impact of our global human diets, and let’s usher in a new era of environmental stewardship together!

If you did not get the chance to participate in the webinars, you can catch the replays on our new YouTube channel.

What’s On Your Fork?

5 Ways it impacts the Earth and what you can do to help

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

5pm PT, 8pm ET

Watch the Replay!

To fulfill our role as stewards of the Earth, it’s time for us to make sweeping changes in our human activities. In this free interactive webinar, Rev. Beth Love of Eat for the Earth shared about the impact of our diets, perhaps the least discussed major contributor to many of our most pressing environmental issues of our times.

Learn what the research says about the most and least environmentally-friendly foods, the relative impact of production methods versus consumption patterns, and the changes in global human diets that could preserve the habitability of our planet. Get your questions answered. Find out how you can get involved in integrating the conversation about global human diets into broader environmental conversations and actions.


The power to care for the Earth is in our hands…and on the ends of our forks.​


Good for You & Good for the Earth

How a sustainable healthy diet can make a world of difference

Saturday, April 25, 2020

11am PT, 2pm ET

Watch the Replay!

Can All of the World’s People Eat a Healthy, Sustainable Diet? Yes! It is possible to feed our growing human population a healthy diet while simultaneously respecting the environmental limits of our Earth. Our diets hold the key.

In this webinar Rev. Beth Love of Eat for the Earth shared about the connections between our diets and the well-being of the Earth system. She was joined by nutrition consultant Sandi Rechenmacher, who illuminated the basics of nutritious eating. It turns out that eating in a way that is good for the earth is also good for you!

You will learn about the particular human dietary pattern that holds tremendous benefit for human health, environmental sustainability, and the cause of a world in which all people can be adequately nourished. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to find out how to get involved in the movement for change.

A sustainable healthy diet is good for you, good for the Earth, and confers tremendous additional benefits.

Are you ready to reap the rewards?


What’s on Your Plate During Earth Week?

Eat for the Earth’s online challenge to celebrate and honor our Earth!

April 19–25, 2020

We invited the community to eat plant-based with us during Earth Week, and to share their tasty food to social media! Together we called attention to Earth-friendly eating.

Here were the steps to participate:

  • Post a photo or video of a plant-based meal you are eating during Earth Week to your social media. It can be a photo of the food only, or you can put yourself or others in the photo.
  • In your post (or story), share about your meal.
  • Use the following hashtags: #EatForTheEarth2020, and #WhatsOnYourPlateForEarthWeek.

Check out some of the submissions below to see how gorgeous tasty plant food can be!

We wish we could invite you to eat at our table! Instead, we can share in the food and fun from the comfort of our own homes, as we celebrate Earth-friendly, plant-based foods together during the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and beyond!




About Our Webinar Presenters

Rev. Beth Love with basket of fruit and veggiesRev. Beth Love is the author of the Tastes Like Love book series. A gifted speaker, facilitator, teacher, and ordained New Thought minister, Beth has motivated and educated people in diverse contexts such as nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and the California State Prison system. She has inspired large and small audiences, in-person and through radio and television, from local community TV to the Oprah show. Due to her concern about the negative impact of animal agriculture on the environment, Beth started Eat for the Earth in 2019. To find out how you can get involved with Eat for the Earth, please visit our home page.

Nutrition Consultant Sandi RechenmacherSandi Rechenmacher is a Nutritional Consultant, Educator, Plant-based Chef, and PCRM* Food for Life instructor. Her 40+-year venture into nutrition science, starting in the 70’s as the owner of a natural foods store, has generated for her a deep understanding of the subject, a wealth of enlightening narratives, and a variety of platforms from which she shares with others the Simply Nutritious way of attaining optimal health and wellness. It’s a delicious adventure in which she works closly with Mama Nature!

*Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine




Tastes Like Love Online “Coolinary” Classes

In honor of Earth Week, Eat for the Earth launched a partnership with Tastes Like Love to provide classes to support people to make tasty, healthy, Earth-friendly food!

Chef Beth Love offered the following online classes to provide tools for people to make food that is nutritious and environmentally sustainable. Producing plant-based foods releases less greenhouse gas emissions than animal foods, so these classes are called “coolinary” classes because they cool the Earth! These classes were offered on a donation basis, with and all proceeds benefiting Eat for the Earth. The following classes were held in April 2020. Upcoming classes are listed on our events calendar and also our Eventbrite page.

Photo of Wild Rice PilafHearty Whole Grain Creations

Sunday, April 26, 3:00–4:30pm, PT

Do you crave warm, satiating, densely-flavored hearty fare? In this interactive online class, Chef Beth Love demonstrated a variety of delectable, healthy, plant-based dishes centered on whole grains. Nutrition expert Sandi Rechenmacher shared about the role of carbohydrates in a healthy diet. Offered on a donation basis. All proceeds benefitted Eat for the Earth.


Photo of Love House SaladSensational Salads and Dressings to Cool the Earth

Thursday, April 30, 7:00–8:30pm, PT

Want to add some liveliness to your meal routine? There is nothing like fresh salads and mouthwatering dressings to increase vitality! Students learned to make four salads and six dressings in this class with master Chef Beth Love. Nutrition expert Sandi Rechenmacher taught about healthy and unhealthy fats and oils. Class offered on a donation basis, with all proceeds benefitting Eat for the Earth.


Photo of Raw Beet Treasure CakeDesserts in the Raw

Sunday, May 3, 1:00–4:00pm, PT

Can a dessert be a transformational experience for your taste buds, your body, the Earth, and all of lifekind? You betcha! In this class, students played along in the kitchen (virtually) with raw dessert master Chef Beth Love and learned just how healthy and life-changing dessert can be! Offered on a donation basis with all proceeds benefitting Eat for the Earth.



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