Community Rx

Imagine…You Can Reclaim Your Health and Transform Your Life!

If you are struggling with chronic health conditions that impact your capacity to do the things you love, you may be feeling extremely discouraged. You may be doing everything you can think of to support your health, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Not only are you dealing with pain and discomfort, but you are frustrated because you want to give your gifts in the world and you just don’t have the energy to do so.

It is possible to reclaim your health and transform your life. The food we eat has a potent influence on our state of physical and mental well-being. Decades of research have confirmed that healthy plant-based diets are essential for preventing and, in many cases, reversing fatal conditions such as heart disease, metabolic disorder, Type 2 diabetes, many cancers, Alzheimer’s, and more!


Now is the Time

The most powerful way to end your health struggle is to transform your diet. Major lifestyle change requires effective education, accurate information, and plenty of inspiration, tools, and support. For many people, the ideal way to obtain all of these things is to find a program that immerses you in a proven learning experience infused with acceptance, love, encouragement, and fun!

This is why we are partnering with PlantPure Communities to offer Community Rx in English and Spanish in Santa Cruz County!

In this program, you will discover:Herbed Cornbread Torte with Kabocha Apple Filling

  • The fundamentals of nutrition science that can jumpstart your journey to radiant health
  • The 5 specific food groups that help you loose weight, feel great, reduce your medical bills, and make you look and feel vibrant
  • The powerful healing capacity of your own body, once it is receiving the proper fuel
  • The dietary pattern that is good for you, good for the Earth, and good for all LIfekind
  • The confidence to consistently feed yourself truly sensational and deeply nourishing food without confusion or fear
  • And more!

Through three dynamic in-person events, a ten-day program of nutrition education, exposure to delicious healthy food, a supportive community, recipes and more, Community Rx teaches you how to go from discomfort and ill-health to bodily freedom, vitality, and comfort beyond your wildest imagination!

Many people who participate in this program feel radically different within the first few days. Pre- and post-program lab results demonstrate significant reductions in cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar after just ten days! Check out one couple’s experience in the two-minute video below. You, too, can experience this transformation!

Stop suffering with dis-ease, lackluster energy, and pain, and instead help yourself to inspiration and support to manifest the health you deserve. Claim your transformed life today!

The next round of Community Rx starts soon. Fill out our interest form now to insure your spot.

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