Community Rx

A Proven Program with Potent Healing Powers

The Community Rx program leverages evidence-based nutrition education, meal support, the expertise of healthcare practitioners and community support to help you reverse Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and/or heal metabolic syndrome or other life-threatening chronic conditions.

The May, 2024 round of Community Rx starts May 11. Enrollment is open. Because of the great demand, we are offering two options:

  • Full Program: Three in-person events, biometric testing pre-program and post-program, meal plan, recipes, 10 days of daily texts with links to educational videos and other supports, calls from a mentor. We can accommodate 26 participants for this option.
  • No Tests Program: Two hybrid events (in-person or virtual), meal plan, recipes, 10 days of daily texts with links to educational videos and other supports, calls from a mentor. The number of participants we can accommodate for this option depends on how many mentors we line up.

Here is the schedule:

  • Full Program: Biometric Testing and Breakfast—Saturdays: May 11 and 25, morning (We stagger participant times to reduce wait for testing. We will let you know your specific time slot.)
  • All Participants: Nutrition Presentation: Saturday, May 18, 3:30pm PDT.
  • All Participants: Optional Cooking Class, Saturday, May 11, 3:30pm PDT. Virtual or in-person. Limited in-person spaces.
  • All Participants: Optional Program Launch, Saturday, May 11, 6:30pm PDT. Meet mentors, staff, and other participants. Get your questions answered. Virtual or in-person. Limited in-person spaces.
  • All Participants: Celebration and Potluck, Sunday, May 26, 12:30pm PDT.


This program includes:

  • Dynamic In-Person and Virtual Nutrition Presentations – Learn the latest in evidence-based nutrition from expert María José Hummel, PhD, MPH, MS.
  • Cutting-Edge Cooking Class – Learn new recipes and techniques for creating truly health, environmentally-sustainable food from Rev. Chef Beth Love of Tastes Like Love.
  • A 10 Day Plant-Based Immersion including Daily Educational and Motivational Lessons – Get daily text updates during the immersion part of the program. These include educational and food demo videos, recipes, and encouragement to guide you throughout the program.
  • Full Program Participants: Biometric Screening at the Beginning and End of the Immersion – Get tested for your cholesterol levels, blood glucose, blood pressure, and more at the outset of the immersion, then prove the benefits of plant-based nutrition for yourself by watching your numbers improve in two short weeks.
  • Food Tastings – Enjoy sampling delicious, healthy foods Full Program participants enjoy a phenomenal breakfast after getting tested. Participants who come to the cooking class enjoy a delightful dinner they make themselves.
  • A Supportive Community – Share triumphs and trials, give and receive support, develop friendships to help you stay on track.
  • Menu Plan and Recipes – Get recipes and tips for becoming a phenomenal whole plant food chef!
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