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Stronger Together!

Bowl of Southwestern Tempeh Veggie Stew and CondimentsDuring Earth Week, 2021, Eat for the Earth launched Eat for the Earth Communities, an initiative that decreases food-related, consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions through grassroots activism. We leverage the power, creativity, and positive impact of activists all over the United States taking supported, collaborative, effective action in their own communities.

Our theory of change is guided by our experience and knowledge. As activists, we know that effective grassroots activism requires sound information, access to resources, and a supportive community in which to share inspiration, celebration, frustration, ideas, and accountability. This is why we launched Eat for the Earth Communities.

A Community of Committed Activists Emerges

Our launch confirmed the power of community. We created a context in which activists from many areas were able to connect, share inspirational ideas, give input about what they need to be effective, and begin to form a cohesive, supportive community. At the end, each person made a commitment to a specific action, and was provided with the means to stay connected and supported. The excitement was palpable!

Activists chose different types of actions, according to their interests, capacities, and contexts. The common thread is that all of the actions support a dietary shift towards more plants and less animal products. In order to bring about this dietary change that multiple peer-reviewed studies show is essential for keeping global warming under 1.5–2º C, we need transformation of both community awareness and institutional practices. Therefore, most of the projects involve education, systems change, or both. For example, some activists committed to hold educational events or start blogs; others committed to a first step in advocating for changes in food procurement practices in businesses, schools, or governments.

Ongoing Work for Change and Next Steps

Tangy Dill Collard WrapsParticipating activists are staying in touch via our two Facebook groups and our Eat for the Earth Communities listserv. We are sharing our progress, our trials, and our successes. We are reaching out to each other for support and ideas. We regroup monthly via videoconference to stay connected and supported.

We will continue growing the community via additional introductory events, our mailing list, and other channels. Please let us know if you want to join!



Together we are catalyzing powerful changes in our communities!

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