Wow! What a year 2020 has been! As I was praying last night with my beloved husband Golden Love, I heard myself saying a word I don’t generally use: “reckoning.” Yes, it was a year of reckoning—reckoning with the consequences of human exploitation of nature, manifested as a global pandemic, raging wildfires, floods, the irrevocable loss of glacial ice, hurricanes, and more; reckoning with centuries of racial injustice and police brutality; reckoning with polarized politics and a national election in which our highest elected official was advocating that some votes not be counted.

Yes, it was a dramatic, traumatic, challenging, tough, and weird year. Yet it was also a year of opportunity and possibility. A year that pushed us so hard that it seems possible that we can have collective breakthroughs that will put us on an entirely new trajectory as a global human family.

I am absolutely certain that in the individual journey, our capacity for brilliance is in direct proportion to the hardships we have faced and healed through. A former mentor used to say that “every trial is a testimony in the making.” I believe this is true on a collective level as well. My prayer and most fervent hope is that we collectively take the opportunities presented by this challenging year to reckon with what’s not working and find another way.

I read in a magazine recently a story about a memorial service for Okjökull, the first Icelandic glacier to die, a casualty of the climate crisis. A plaque commemorating the loss was placed at the site of the former glacier. The plaque was inscribed with “A Letter to the Future,” which read, in part, “This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.”

We know what is happening. Human activity has so warmed the Earth that we are already experiencing extreme losses of life, health, homes, communities, and livelihood. If we stay on this trajectory, we will reach the point of no return, which will lead to more loss, including the very real potential that our Earth will no longer be habitable for humans and many other life forms.

We know what to do. We know that we must drastically reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions very quickly in order to avert this fate. Most people are now becoming aware that emissions from food production are a significant component of overall emissions, and, to use the word again, a component with which we must reckon.

If 2021 is your year to take action to align your diet more fully with this reality, I would love to have you join me and several collaborators for a FREE online program starting January 1 and running throughout the month. The program offers inspiration, information, tools, and support to try out a whole food plant-based diet during the month, and hopefully to get sufficient resources and connections to be able to keep it up after the program ends. Such a diet promotes health and is also the most enviromentally sustainable way to eat. Additionally, it’s the most compassionate and just way to feed ourselves. And no sacrifice in flavor is needed!

The program, 31 Days of Inspiration to HEAL: Plant-Powered Food for Life, kicks off today, January 1, with a launch event at 1:00pm PST. Registration will remain open during the entire month, so even if you don’t see this in time for the launch, we would still love to have you!

During the month there will be food demos, presentations by guest experts, weekly virtual meetings, handouts and ebooks, and much more! Some of the experts we have lined up are rock stars of the plant-based movement, and if you register, you will get to interact with them during the program. We have over two dozen events, and more are being added. You can see the confirmed events on our events page. Again, if this is your year to change your diet and radically transform your health, life, and world, we would love to offer you this level of support!

In any case, I am sending you love and holding a vision of you having a phenomenal year of miracles in 2021!


Rev. Beth Love


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