The power to care for the earth is in our hands

And on the ends of our forks.

Dozens of recent research papers have conclusively demonstrated that a massive human dietary shift toward more plants and less animal products can drastically reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gases. In fact, we need to change our diets in order to keep temperature increases below the 2º Celsius goal of the Paris Agreement or the hoped for reductions of below 1.5º.

Climate solutions that only address energy and fuel will not be sufficient to meet the challenges we are facing. That is why we must make a dietary shift to allow for a continued human presence on our beautiful earth. It is time to band together to establish a robust movement. Together we can help communities make it easier for people to Eat for the Earth. Together we can turn around climate change and restore vitality to our water, air, and land. Together we can stem the tide of species extinction, deforestation, and climate caused intensification of natural disasters.

You might call yourself an environmentalist. Or a vegan or vegetarian.

Or a flexitarian. Or a lover of the earth. Or a concerned citizen.

Or an omnivore who aligns with our mission.

Whatever you call yourself, we are glad you found this page.


Whatever you call yourself, you are welcome to join this community. If you feel the call, then your unique skills and sensibilities are needed for this movement!

Together we can lift each other up and create critical mass for change.

Together with our Supporters, Collaborators, and Allies we are:

  • Making it easier for people to transition to more sustainable dietary patterns.
  • Working with institutions such as government, education, corporations, and healthcare institutions to adopt climate-friendly food initiatives.
  • Supporting people to transform their health through the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets.
  • Educating communities about the environmental, health, and ethical benefits of plant-based diets.
  • Making this movement go viral so we can continue thriving on our beautiful earth!

Through online and in-person connection, creative organizing, nutrition education and diet immersion programs, and powerful community projects, Eat for the Earth transforms communities and empowers people to be agents of transformation, confidently making dietary changes to reduce their contribution to climate change and other environmental disasters, and influencing others to do the same.


Stop feeling helpless to affect change for our beloved planet! Join our movement and be part of the solution.


To get started now, join one or both of our Eat for the Earth Facebook Groups, volunteer, and/or sign up for our email list. If you are in the local Santa Cruz area, we hope to see you at some of our events!


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To learn more about the impetus for Eat for the Earth, watch this video featuring founder Reverend Beth Love.

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